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The College Works Painting intern program gives students an opportunity to build a competitive resume and gain marketable leadership skills. College Works Painting helps university students develop, implement and illustrate a strong work ethic, strong communication skills, effective organizational management skills, powerful sales skills, and an overall understanding of the mechanics of leadership that can be applied to any profession.

Manager In Training

College Works Painting is proud to have some of the hardest working interns in the business, all striving to run the best and most efficient businesses. These young men and women will rise to meet the challenge of each and every single job that has to be done. Selected from the best colleges and universities around the nation, our interns demonstrate the highest quality of leadership and integrity. There isn't a job too big or too small; they are ready to provide each homeowner with the customer service they deserve.

College Works interns design and implement a marketing program, conduct sales, estimate projects, work with customers, and recruit, hire, and train their own employees. Essentially, they learn all aspects of running a small business. Find an intern in your area and let College Works Painting work for you.

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Would you like to find more information on the Intern painting your house? Look them up here, or enter your zip code to find an Intern in your area. You can also view a list of all current Interns in California.


College courses are only one a part of getting ready for an upcoming career. New graduates need to have an upper hand to prospective companies. That’s where an internship comes in from College Works Painting California.

An internship is a job position during which a student works (usually for free unless it is a paid internship like College Works) so as to acquire hands-on experience. Internships offer invaluable work experience, helps you to develop marketable skills and strengthen your resume. Moreover, it puts the odds of being hired more in your favor of landing a higher paying position after graduation.

Research confirms that the more semesters a student spends interning, the less time they will spend seeking employment. Internships typically garner increased earnings as a new hire. Internships even have the ability to stimulate an undergraduate's involvement with the academic study process.

Research also shows that undergraduates who obtain credit for internships are shown to have a greater inclination for proactive experimentation, whereas those who don't receive intern credit choose a more insightful visual learning mode. The following are numerous items an internship can make easier for students:

Opens Doors to Promising Positions For probably the most aggressive careers, like journalism or the entertainment industry, internships are essential. In a crowded job market, an internship offers:

  • Experience. Studying business is one thing; making use of that knowledge in “real world” conditions is definitely another. By entering into a college internship, you strengthen up your intelligence with job performance.
  • Contacts. Working side-by-side with professionals, you maneuver your way into a network that may provide invaluable references, recommendations, and information concerning new job opportunities.
  • A Potential Position upon Graduation. A lot of firms use their internship programs to boost their recruitment efforts. Working with interns offers them the possibility to check out self-driven, go-getter students before hiring them. If the intern makes the cut, the company just may make an attractive job offer later on.

Gain Work Experience
Internships can assist undergrads to broaden their experience and background. While it’s good to have a strength in certain areas - additional on-the-job experience in another field never hurts. Supplemental skills in a variety of fields may make you that much more marketable to a potential company. College works internship offers a lot of the necessary skills that will benefit your career.

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